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The story so far:

"Hero Envy" -- Wally is your average 30 year old comic book geek. J.D. is his obnoxious, muscle bound, cartoon loving friend. Together they live in a run down tenement owned by J.D.'s uncle. These two protagonists are constantly visited by Orson the intellectual, Star Trek fan and Dekker the Horror loving comic book store owner. Welcome to the world of "Hero Envy". Episodes 1-24.


"The Swass Adventures" is the exciting new "Hero Envy" spin-off series starring everyone's favorite psychopath Dekker. After stealing Jake's universe jumping electronic razor for kicks, Dekker accidentally transports himself to a different dimension where everything is backwards. He is stuck with that universe's J.D. and a man known only as the toy Dealer. He is forced to adjust to his new existence while trying to find a way back home. Episodes 25 - up

"Hero Envy - Swass Adventures" - Christmas Special 2009

Hero Envy Christmas Special 2009 rankin bass

The Swass Adventures Christmas Annual is finally here. Dekker is down in the dumps after the whole "Oracle" debacle and the holiday season doesn't seem to change anything. We find out about Dekker's quest for the perfect gift and we learn some of this universe's bizarre holiday traditions. Another wholsome holiday special brought to you by your family at RSP. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted 12/20/09

"Hero Envy - Swass Adventures" #26 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 2

Hero Envy - Webisode 26 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 2 back to the future

The conclusion to "Tragical Mystery Tour" is here. Our heroes Dekker, J.D. and Toy Dealer scour the city in search of the mysterious "Oracle". Will this elusive guest star have the key to Dekker's way home or is he just an insane homeless guy? All these questions are answered plus we learn the origin of J.D.'s name. guest starring Rob LaQuerre from "Bloated like Elvis" productions. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted 11/04/09

"Hero Envy - Swass Adventures #25 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 1

Hero Envy - Webisode 25 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 1 quantum leap

We're back with the first episode of Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures. Dekker now trapped in an alternate dimension has become complacent with his existence, until a blast from the past returns with a possible solution to his predicament but that would require an additional journey. Is this the key to Dekker's salvation? Check it out in this hilarious premiere episode. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted 09/09/09

"Hero Envy" #24 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Hero Envy - Webisode 24 - Stranger in a Strange Land - Kina Dean mtv road rules

As Dekker is about to die, he magically disappears into thin air and wakes up near a dumpster. As he starts to explore around, he realizes that he is no longer in the same universe. He reaches into his back pocket and finds the Ion razor from episode 21. Having mixed with his sweat the razor activated and transported him out of the chair and into this new world. He ends up finding "Alternate Universe J.D." who now lives with the Toy Dealer from the Transformers episodes. J.D. in a fit of rage destroys the razor and Dekker becomes stuck in this new world. Make sure to stay after the credits for a hilarious blooper. Guest starring Mtv's Kina Dean! -- Click Pic to Play

Posted April 2009

"Hero Envy" #23 - The Man Who Knew Not Much

Hero Envy - Webisode 23 - The Man Who Knew Not Much - he-man

Jake starts to escalate his plan to destroy Wally and steal back Brooke. Phase 2 of his scheme is to extract information from Dekker, who has now been shunned from the group. He engages his Fraternity of Evil to kidnap Dekker and to bring him back for interrogation. As the rest of the group slowly start to realize something’s wrong. Let's Get Dangerous!!! -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Nov 07 2008

"Hero Envy" #22 - The Game is Afoot

Hero Envy - Webisode 22 - The Game is Afoot - Fat Momma - Jamal Igle
A very distressed Wally is brought before a jury of his peers. A crime has been committed and all the guilty are gathered before Sherlock Orson. As everyone tries to figure out how Wally ended up in a strange girl’s bed. All the clues start to lead back to Jake as the prime suspect. When Orson starts to close the curtain on this culprit, Jake offers new evidence to show that Dekker was the one responsible. Who is the real guilty party? Answer’s inside this episode. -- Click Pic to Play
Featuring Fat Momma from the "Who Wants to be a Super Hero?" reality show, not to mention upcoming "Supergirl" artist Jamal Igle!!!

It's all the swass you can handle bundled into one feature packed episode!

Posted Aug 26 2008

"Hero Envy" #21 - Hero oreH

Hero Envy - Webisode 21 - Hero oreH Star Trek Mirror Mirror
This episode is a funny homage to the classic "Mirror Mirror" episode of “Star Trek”. During a “Star Trek” marathon, Orson eats some salsa that was spiked by J.D. with all kinds of hot sauce. As he starts washing his mouth out, he accidentally knocks an electronic razor into the sink and is electrocuted. He wakes up hours later to find that he is in a universe where everyone is a sports fan and J.D. is a nerdy loser. Realizing that the razor is his key back to his original world, he enlists the help of J.D. to recreate the accident that brought him there. This is the second episode written by the talented Tony Digeralmo. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Jul 01 2008

"Hero Envy" #20 - Interlude

 Hero Envy - Webisode 20 - Interlude - Phil Labonte - All That Remains
Michael Mooney hosts this very funny episode of "Behind the Hope" which is a documentary about the early beginnings of their fictional Production company. The documentary features all the actors and behind the scenes production staff responsible for the webisodes. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Apr 15 2008

"Hero Envy" #19 - It Started on Yancy Street

Hero Envy - Webisode 19 - It Started on Yancy Street - fantastic four
A mysterious new person moves into the apartment above J.D. and Wally. It is revealed to be an old college buddy by the name of Jake B. Piscano. Wally is soon reminded of his hatred and bad feelings for Jake when he comes down for a visit. Soon the bickering turns into a bet to see who can throw a better party and the fireworks are lit. It is also revealed that Jake's intentions may not be as pure as they seem. -- Click Pic to Play

A perfect jumping o­n point for new viewers.

Posted Mar 04 2008

"Hero Envy" - Christmas Annual 2007

Hero Envy Christmas Annual 2007 rudolph reindeer
This special starts off with the gang having a conversation about their random X-Mas traditions and gifts. Once again J.D. has stiffed everyone with no presents. Wally goes ballistic and points out how selfish J.D. truly is. In an effort to prove him wrong J.D. joins “Tommy Swass's” Big Brother agency and goes to visit a sick little girl across town. He makes a vow to raise money to save her life and quickly enlists the help of the gang.  -- Click Pic to Play
Posted Dec 12 2007

"Hero Envy" #18 - The Energon Agenda: Requiem for an Autobot

Hero Envy - Webisode 18 - The Energon Agenda: Requiem for an Autobot GI Joe Transformers

The second part of the Transformers epic picks up a month later. Wally has been missing and nobody has noticed his absence. Orson stops by and immediately sees that something is amiss. The boys seek out the shady Toy Dealer and find that Wally has moved into a Toy Crack house for his addiction. This sad place is filled with other victims that are addicted to such toys as G.I. Joe, He-Man, Care bears, etc. The gang quickly scrambles to get Wally out of there and to get him back to normal.           PART 2 OF 2 -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Oct 03 2007

"Hero Envy" #17 - The Energon Agenda: Astrotrainspotting

Hero Envy - Webisode 17 - The Energon Agenda: Astrotrainspotting - transformers
Wally is captivated by a Transformers ad in the Previews catalogue. He quickly realizes how much he misses collecting these toys and goes to pick up some. Dekker informs J.D. about the secret, addictive nature of the Transformers and how they've ruined businesses and broken up families. Wally slowly starts to turn into a robot junkie and he reaches a point where the rest of the gang, have to hold an intervention. Wally's addiction gets the best of him and he runs away. PART 1 OF 2 -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Sep 04 2007

"Hero Envy" #16 - Never Meet Your Hero's Penciler

Hero Envy - Webisode 16 - Never Meet Your Hero's Penciler - stan - lee

Wally gathers the guys up for his annual comic book of the month club as J.D. prepares to go meet up with a girl. The guys start talking comics and end up chatting about an obscure penciller named “Smitty Stevenson”.  After some quick research they realize he lives close by and decide to pay him a visit. Smitty appears to be a very nice man on the surface but things start to change as he tries to stay at Wally and J.D.'s apartment.  This episode features our first guest writer Tony Digeralmo from (Super Frat, Simpsons) -- Click Pic to Play


Posted Jun 05 2007

"Hero Envy" #15 - SMOKED!

Hero Envy - Webisode 15 - SMOKED! - Smoke - wrestler

J.D. meets up with the professional wrestler "The Smoke" for a lesson with the ladies while the rest of the guys have an intense game of Dungeons and Dragons.  J.D. returns home for a brief rest between clubs only to have "The Smoke" show up to his place early.  Immediately embarrassed by Wally, he tries to rush him out of the place but "The Smoke" ends up turning into the biggest geek of them all. --

Click Pic to Play

Posted May 01 2007

"Hero Envy" #14 - Realistically Speaking - Part 2

Hero Envy - Webisode 14 - Realistically Speaking - Part 2 reality show - jersey - shore

The reality show continues to interrupt the geeks daily lives. Wally starts to get into a war with the producers, there are more endurance challenges, and even a funeral for “Captain America”. Things come to a head when the check that was supposed to be paid to the guy’s bounces and Wally unleashes the fury of J.D. on them.  PART 2 OF 2 -- Click Pic to Play


Posted Apr 04 2007

"Hero Envy" #13 - Realistically Speaking - Part 1

Hero Envy - Webisode 13 - Realistically Speaking - Part 1 reality shows jersey shore
Wally has become extremely lazy from his recent unemployment and it is making J.D. extremely angry. Finally after an argument J.D. agrees to find a job. He returns with a low budget camera crew that immediately starts filming a reality show called “Bagged and Boarded”. All of the gang gets sucked into the fake drama and challenges as they decide who gets kicked out and who gets to stay. PART 1 OF 2                                  -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Mar 07 2007

"Hero Envy" - Christmas Annual 2006

Hero Envy Christmas Annual 2006 its a wonderful life
Wally’s universe falls apart as he gets terminated from his job and to make matters worse Brooke breaks up with him by letter. With anger in his heart, he runs away and wishes he was never born. Warren the guardian angel shows up and grants his request and Wally gets to see how life would be without him. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Dec 12 2006

"Hero Envy" #12 - Enter: El Diablo!

Hero Envy - Webisode 12 - Enter: El Diablo! luchador wrestling

J.D. destroys a comic that Wally’s father gave to him before he died. After this short outburst J.D. realizes that he really hurt his best friend and makes a conscious decision to become a good person. This does not bode well for the imaginary friend “El Diablo” who resides inside J.D.’s brain. This disembodied luchador wrestler makes him do evil things and hurt people. So in order to be free of his influence he has to wage an all out war on El Diablo for the freedom of his mind. The outcome is something that shocks the entire group. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Nov 01 2006

"Hero Envy" #11 - Who is Cochrane?

Hero Envy - Webisode 11 - Who is Cochrane? Joppa Mike Mooney

Orson is in a sad funk because of the events of the last episode and he ends up getting caught up in the world of “Joppa”. He leaves town to help these hipsters solve the murder of one of their members. Wally slowly starts to uncover that Dekker caused this whole situation and he races against time to stop his friend from fully becoming a member of Joppa. Also don’t forget to check out the other side of this storyline in “What is Joppa?”. -- Click Pic to Play

You can check out Joppa also their half of the cross-over is here.

Posted Oct 04 2006

"Hero Envy" #10 - Orson Come Home

Hero Envy - Webisode 10 - Orson Come Home - Snoopy - Peanuts

Dekker rigs Orson’s computer to convince him that one of his favorite shows was cancelled. This causes the very angry Orson to have a major fight with his mother, who throws him out of the house. With nowhere left to go, he is forced to move in with Wally and J.D. which literally causes him to have a nervous breakdown.               -- Click Pic to Play


Posted Sep 06 2006

"Hero Envy" #9 - Contest of Champions

Hero Envy - Webisode 9 - Contest of Champions - Nintendo - video games

J.D. pesters Wally to enter a video game contest sponsored by “Tommy Swass”, but the reluctant Wally is plagued by his humiliation at the hands of David Lopan, who was the king of the arcade when they were in high school. Wally enlists everyone’s help to gain points and pull ahead, only to come face to face with Lopan (Virtually) for the final game. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Aug 09 2006

"Hero Envy" #8 - Hero Envy: Live!

Hero Envy - Webisode 8 - Hero Envy: Live! - sitcoms - three's company
“Hero Envy” is filmed before a studio audience, literally! In this episode the gang finds themselves smack dab in the middle of a sitcom, with a cheesy opening, canned laughter, and commercials. The lock on the bathroom door ends up causing the whole gang grief as one by one they become trapped inside the smelly restroom.
-- Click Pic to Play

Posted Jul 05 2006

"Hero Envy" #7 - Cartoonathon

Hero Envy - Webisode 7 - Cartoonathon - tom & jerry
J.D. and Wally receive a call about the rent being overdue from the landlord who happens to be J.D.’s uncle. Neither of them wants to pay the back rent, so they both agree to a cartoon marathon to decide who will dish out the cash. The objective is simple, whoever stays up the longest gets to maintain their cash. Ready, Set, Go! -- Click Pic to Play

Posted May 02 2006

"Hero Envy" #6 - Geek Games

Hero Envy - Webisode 6 - Geek Games - hero clix - warhammer

Wally decides to have the entire gang over to play “Hero Clix”. He even invites local comic book store owner “Dekker”. The game becomes extremely heated and tense as J.D. comes off the sidelines and into the fray. He suggests that they play for keeps and the action begins. The gang then struggles to save their friendship and miniatures from utter destruction. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Apr 05 2006

"Hero Envy" #5 - Science Friction

Hero Envy - Webisode 5 - Science Friction - star trek

Orson ends up roping both J.D. and Wally into going to a surprise screening of “Serenity”. On the trip to the movie we get to learn a little bit about Orson and what makes him tick as a scifi fan. They finally arrive to the cinema to find out Orson has once again been defeated by entertainment programming. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Mar 01 2006

"Hero Envy" - Christmas Annual 2005

Hero Envy Christmas Annual 2005 batman begins

Wally tries to teach J.D. about the meaning of Christmas after he steals a Batman DVD from the local electronics store. Orson stops by once again to have an in depth discussion about the Christmas Specials from Rankin Bass. After the visit Wally Continues to keep up the ruse of Santa Claus for J.D.’s behalf and they both end up celebrating Christmas morning. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Dec 18 2005

"Hero Envy" #4 - Internet Fad

Hero Envy - Webisode 4 - Internet Fad

J.D. returns back to the apartment after a visit from “Fly on the Wall” Comics. The comic book store owner Dekker has shown him all kinds of viral videos including the infamous “Lightning Bolt” film. J.D. then starts to recreate the video by launching random objects at Wally’s face. Finally fed up with his juvenile behavior, Wally confronts him in the back yard. Little does he know J.D. has been running a camera the entire time. -- Click Pic to Play

Watch the Ogre Battle Video first!

Posted Nov 09 2005

"Hero Envy" #3 - Catwoman Sucked

Hero Envy - Webisode 3 - Catwoman Sucked

J.D. is looking forward to some alone time with Halle Berry and the movie “Cat Woman”. The film ends up ruining his experience and he once again takes his anger out on Wally. After ranting and raving for hours on how the movie wasted his day, J.D. takes matters into his own hands by calling the studio. To Wally’s dismay, J.D. returns with a smile on his face and a seat on the focus group making the Green Lantern movie and we all know how that film turned out. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Oct 12 2005

"Hero Envy" #2 - J.D. is a Dick

Hero Envy - Webisode 2 - J.D. is a Dick

J.D. and Wally have been friends since early childhood and over the years J.D. has become more and more of a jerk. In this episode both geeks are tasked with house sitting for J.D.’s Uncle. This is just the opportunity he needs to mess with Wally. As each new occurrence of nastiness continues, we start to see that there might be a method to this sickening behavior. -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Sep 14 2005

"Hero Envy" #1 - Saturday Morning

Hero Envy - Webisode 1 - Saturday Morning

The fun starts here as we are introduced to the world of “Hero Envy”. The premiere episode features the first appearance of J.D., Wally and the “Saturday Morning” ritual. Wally is awakened abruptly and is forced into the living room to partake in a feast of sugary cereal and J.D.’s recreation of the Saturday Morning cartoon experience. The ceremony is cut short when J.D. discovers that the DVD player is missing and he has no choice but to endure current Saturday morning programming.                               -- Click Pic to Play

Posted Aug 21 2005