"Hero Envy" Issue 2 - Now Available!!!

What's going on today in the news that the world has been waiting to hear? No, it's not the death of Osama bin Liden, it's the release of the 2nd issue of "Hero Envy"!!! That's right true believers, Reckless Sidekick Productions has FINALLY released the second senses shattering issue in this three issue limited series and it's ready for order right now!! If you read the first issue of "Hero Envy", then you have probably been anticipating this release!! Our quality and dedication to all things great in comics are shown in these issues that we have been slaving over to get into your hands. We are currently hard at work on the final issue right now as well!!! So if you love "Hero Envy" or if you're just plain ol' tired of all the crap that Marvel and DC comics are putting out and want to sink your teeth into something...delicious and fun!! Then order your copy today and tell em that the SWASSSSSS made you do it!!!

buy issue two HERE